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Hyperconnected Europe Phase 1 Report

Hyperconnected Europe is an ongoing initiative involving a community of cities and regions that have come together to create a shared vision for a European hyperloop network. Together, they are shaping a system that can radically improve connectivity and contribute to net zero by 2050. The initiative is a part of the Hyperloop Development Program (HDP), a public-private collaboration dedicated to bringing hyperloop to reality.
This vision paper outlines the European hyperloop network and is the result of research and contributions by HDP partners, Hardt Hyperloop and the Hyperconnected Europe community.

From February to June 2022, various webinars and workshops have taken place around topics such as passenger and freight services, hubs (stations), infrastructure integration, and network design. The inputs and feedback gathered from participating cities and regions have been incorporated into this paper, setting a baseline for further refining the European hyperloop system and bringing it closer towards realization.