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On the Future Development of Hyperloop Infrastructure

If the electrical energy consumed by the hyperloop system is supplied through sustainable sources, the hyperloop can
operate emission-free. Sustainability is therefore often named as one of the hyperloop’s biggest advantages over its
competitors, such as aviation and high-speed rail. However, to make the hyperloop actually sustainable, careful design
choices for hyperloop infrastructure have to be made. Two of the largest components of the hyperloop, the materials used
in the infrastructure and its energy management, need to be carefully thought-out. The materials used, must meet all
the requirements for hyperloop operation, but must ideally also be sustainably manufactured and durable. Good energy
management is crucial to make sure that every component in the hyperloop infrastructure is supplied with green energy and
thus operates emission-free. This report aims to make recommendations on what materials should be used for hyperloop
tubes and pods and to formulate a good energy management strategy by calculating the energy and power consumption of
major hyperloop subsystems and evaluating how these subsystems can be supplied with green energy.


By: Delft Hyperloop