Who are we?

Who are we?

The Hyperloop Development Program is governed through the Stichting Hyperloop Development Program. The Stichting HDP plays an important role as ‘quartermaster’ and lead partner in the consortium.

The Stichting achieves its objectives inter alia by:

  1. Facilitate and administer the implementation of the activities in the Hyperloop Development Program.
  2. Establishing and supporting different (R&D) programs up to TRL-9.
  3. Foster public-private partnerships, through building and maintaining alliance with public sector and/or promoting pathways.
  4. Expanding and moderating the international ecosystem.


The Hyperloop Development Program is chaired by the Program Board, which is advised externally by the Advisory Council, and internally by the Program Partner Council. The program management is responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the program.

Program Management consists of:

  • Coen de Ronde (Director)
  • Frits Staals
  • Jan Willem Visser (Public Affairs)

The Program Board consists of:

  • Jeroen in ‘t Veld (Chair)
  • Bertrand van Ee (on behalf of Hardt B.V., Secretary)
  • Mars Geuze (on behalf of Hardt B.V., Treasurer)
  • Huib Simon (on behalf of Tata Steel)
  • Stan Koevoets (on behalf of Denys)

The Advisory Council consists of:

  • Dirk Rompf (SVP Cadmus Group)
  • John Turner (President Imagine Space Engineering and Management Services, Sr. Director Maxa Technologies)